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M/S   Shruti  International  is  Services  driven  costomer  focused  organization .  It  is  India’s  leading  FMCG  Company  for  providing  ” Pure”  range  of  products  and  creating   awareness  about  quality  and  purity.  It  is  our  intention  to  build  branded  pure  products  which is  widely  recognized,  accepted  and  trusted.



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I have been a fruit lover since my childhood. I remember myself getting tempted by different colours, shapes and tastes of fruits. The King of fruits Mangoes is still my favourite fruit. But the busy work life hardly gives me any time to go out and buy those healthy and lovely fruits. I kept on trying fruit juices of multiple brands, but unsatisfied. Luckily the juices of DRINKPUREFRUITS, landed in my hands, and I will say, it’s amazing, pure taste took me back to my childhood days. I rediscovered my source of health, purity and fun again, through the DRINKPUREFRUIT juices. I thank it a lot.

Nisha Kiran


Best website for Pure Drinks Products.

Rajat Kumar


I am a sportsperson, and my daily calorie and nutrition needs are immense. I need to stay fit, healthy and active most of the time. My daily routine of exercise, workouts and practice use to be heavy upon my bodily strength. My coach warily, often would complain to me about this. I was not able to eat as much fruit as I should, due to the lack of time. Fortunately my dietician recommended me to take juices of the DRINKPUREFRUITS. I tried it to my luck, and I have a feeling of tasting the nectar. Its taste is pure and enlightening. Its affects are also unbelievable upon my health. I never feel tired. I recommend to for you also.